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Full House at the 5th Edition of SEA Brew – Where Asia’s Brewing Industry Meets

“Great Event !!!! Thank you” “Congratulations on organizing another awesome event!” “Was a fantastic event! Cheers!” “Congratulations for a successful SEA BREW 2019! Looking forward to the next one!” SEA Brew 2019 Conference & Trade Fair was a roaring success! In line with growing interest and appreciation for craft brews, so too is the interest in SEA Brew, Asia’s premier Conference and Trade Fair for the craft brewing community. A capacity crowd of more than 570 brewers, distributors and leading industry suppliers descended on Bangkok, Thailand 26-27 September 2019 for the 5th edition, hosted at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam. With...
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PET Kegs And Assuring Beer Quality

The best ways to test one-way PET kegs for UV, light exposure, transportation and temperature One-way PET kegs are getting more and more popular because they represent a low-cost alternative to traditional steel kegs. They offer significant supply chain benefits, helping brands overcome the challenges of long distances as well as saving the cost of transporting empty kegs back to the producer. But how does one know if a PET keg has been adequately tested to protect your beer? The product development team at Petainer has been able to apply its design knowledge and expertise in resins to develop exceptional...
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Realising the benefits of co-fermentation and blending yeast

The Role of yeast in Brewing, a glance at history: No yeast, no beer. No beer, no civilization. Brewers have been making beer for millennia (c.13, 000 years as suggested by some evidence). However, it is only until relatively recently that we have begun to understand the role that yeast plays in beer production and alcoholic fermentation. Ancient brewers relied on natural sources of inoculum to start fermentation without knowing what yeast was. For a long time brewing was a mix of mystery, magic, tradition and the yeast cultures used for beer production were predominantly multi-strain cultures (i.e. yeast cultures...
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Understand and Describe Hop Flavors with New Tool

Written by: Jeff Dailey The Hop Aroma Standards Kit is a convenient tool for training in the fundamental lexicon of hop aroma and flavor. It can be used by anyone, from seasoned sensory professionals training dozens of brewers, to a small tap-room manager, working to train front of house staff in how to understand the beer they are selling to customers. The Barth-Haas Group is a large organization full of professionals with a deep understanding of hops, how they smell and taste, and what to do with them. However, with the increasing popularity of American-style India Pale Ales and aroma...
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Producing Good Sour Beer Starts With The Right Bacteria

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SOUR BEERS Beer has been brewed for thousands of years and for the majority of this time has been produced using mixed culture fermentation via a complex spectrum of microflora, not just brewing yeast. Indeed, arguably, sourness (to some extent) has been an important and prevalent characteristic of beer throughout history. It is only in the last 500-600 years that hops have been used as the widespread and dominating flavouring of beer, with their bacteriostatic properties inhibiting the presence and activity of some bacteria in particular. In more recent history, the pioneering work of scientists such...
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