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Key takeaways from new Brew Asia technical sessions

2019 saw the Brew Asia Technical Sessions series launched, staged in the Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City and Seoul. This new initiative aims to bring more technical knowledge and best practice theories to brewers in the region who, in many instances, have neither the resources nor the time to travel overseas to advance their brewing education.

The challenges with Dry Hopping

Dry Hopping is a crucial part in producing successful Craft beers, especially IPAs. It is an explosive experience for the gustatory system to taste and enjoy all the different fruity, floral and spicy notes which can only be achieved with Dry Hopping. Dry Hopping means adding the (dried) hops in the finished beer. Now you can imagine there are so many ways to do this! Every brewery has developed their own way of implementing dry hopping into the brewing process. It is a process that requires a lot of effort and tweaking. These are the primary questions for the brewer:...
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