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Fermenting with active dry yeast just became even easier

One of the perpetual discussions within the brewing industry – particularly perhaps within the craft brewing segment – is the one about the pros and cons of using dried yeasts vs. wet yeast cultures. But no matter where one stands in this semi-religious division of the brewers of the world, three facts cannot be denied: One is that the various suppliers of dried yeast have been upping their game significantly during the past ‘craft beer revolution’ decades – more different yeast strains have become available and the quality and performance of them have improved. The second is that dried yeasts...
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Cans are conquering the market

Myanmar’s second-largest brewery, the Dagon Beverages Company, has identified a rising level of demand, centred around the can. From 2015 to 2016 alone, its share of total production output rose from 45 to 60 per cent. Dagon had to come up with a rapid response to this trend, and put in place the requisite filling capacities. And this is how the brewery went about it: When it was founded back in 1998, Dagon had already installed not only a kegging line, but also a Krones combined line for glass containers and cans, rated at 18,000 containers per hour. In 2012,...
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The challenges with Dry Hopping

Dry Hopping is a crucial part in producing successful Craft beers, especially IPAs. It is an explosive experience for the gustatory system to taste and enjoy all the different fruity, floral and spicy notes which can only be achieved with Dry Hopping. Dry Hopping means adding the (dried) hops in the finished beer. Now you can imagine there are so many ways to do this! Every brewery has developed their own way of implementing dry hopping into the brewing process. It is a process that requires a lot of effort and tweaking. These are the primary questions for the brewer:...
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