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SEA Brew Gives Back to Thailand through Habitat for Humanity

The SEA Brew conference was born out of a desire to build a platform for Asia’s brewing industry to gather and exchange ideas on how to better their craft and meet others looking to achieve the same. We’ve been doing this successfully for 5 years. We believe it’s time to start giving something back to our host countries. Starting this year, SEA Brew will host a charity event as part of our conference social programme to raise funds for a worthy cause. For 2019, given our host city is Bangkok, we’ve chosen Habitat for Humanity Thailand. Established in 1998, Habitat...
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A Glance At The Southeast Asia Beer Industry

Kim Choong, Editor at (This article originally appeared in SEA 2018 conference programme) South East Asia was a treasure trove of resources for several European countries in the 18th and 19th centuries and shipped along on the sea voyages to the colonies was beer. Naturally, breweries popped up for faster supply than shipping them from the motherlands; these commercial breweries were either opened by rich businessmen or as joint ventures with the local governments. Several major European breweries producing mainly pale lager styles now have majority market share in the Southeast Asian countries. Here’s a quick glance what is...
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Beer Style Trends in Southeast Asia

Last year we undertook the first survey of the region’s craft breweries to help build a picture of what was happening in Southeast Asia – below’s what we found out was trending on beer styles from the perspective of the styles being brewed (not quantities)… With strong North American influence on the global microbrewing industry it is not surprising to see hoppy IPA’s and Pale Ale’s dominate the ‘most brewed’ styles. What was surprising, however, is that Golden Ale are so far down the order. Most breweries, particularly if they are operating as brewpubs or have their own taproom will...
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The First Southeast Asia Microbrewing Industry Insight Report

The First Southeast Asia Microbrewing Industry Insight Report reveals an expected 350% growth in the market for the period 2017-2021 The beer market in Southeast Asia has seen significant growth in the number of microbreweries over the past 10 years, and more specifically in the past 3 years, where the market has seen a tripling in size from 46 microbreweries to 154 from the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2017. This growth of the microbrewing market has come at a time of solid economic growth in Southeast Asia. Since 2015 the region has seen substantial increases in Gross...
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Southeast Asia New Wave Mircobrewery Market Survey Infographic

The craft beer industry in Southeast Asia has grown enormously over the last 5 years. But which markets have been performing best and which ones are still “up and coming”? What volume of beer is being produced? What are the more popular beer styles? What is the current value of the market? Our latest infographic has the answers, and more. Prepared by the team behind the Southeast Asia Brewers Conference (“SEA Brew”) this represents the result of market research with over 100 of the region’s brewers and brewery owners. Click the image to download as a PDF. If you’d like to...
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