Day 2 – 18 Aug – Keynote Sessions

Chris White
White Labs

Date: 18 August 2017
Time: 09:15 – 10:00

Day 2, Keynote 1

Title: Making the Greatest Beer You Can

Better beer sells better, Great beer sells even more; observations on the development of the industry.

About: Chris White

Chris White started the lab in 1995 after researching and developing a library of brewers yeast strains from around the world. Chris White received an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of California, Davis, and a Ph.D in biochemistry from U.C. San Diego. Besides his duties at White Labs, Chris is a member of the Siebel Institute faculty.

Felix Burberg
Krones AG

Date: 18 August 2017
Time: 10:00 – 10:45

Day 2, Keynote 2

Title: From Industrial to Craft – Krones growth into Craft Brewing

Well known for its industrial style applications for breweries worldwide Krones is also now focusing on small and mid-size brewing equipment, adapting tried and tested technology into Craft beer scale. Not only is its focus on high quality equipment, but on the best support for brewers; feasibility & concept studies, equipment design & engineering, project engineering & management, market trends and information are all hallmarks of the Krones partnership commitment.

About: Felix Burberg 

After finishing his apprenticeship as brewer and maltster Felix graduated at the Technical University Munich/Weihenstephan as a Diploma Brewmaster. Starting at Krones AG in 2008 as a project manager he is now responsible as Head of Sales Plants & Brewery Components for Southeast Asia & China.